LBFM Gott is sweet with a nice ass

Sexy LBFM GottLBFM Name: Gott

Age: 23

Best way to O: Sucking and getting sucked 69

Favorite sexual position: Sixty Nine

Type of men she likes: Good guys


Gott was an amazing LBFM, have to say one of my favorites.  She is definitely one of those ladies that even though she is doing a porn photo shoot and selling her pussy, you could see yourself hooking up with her.  She had a great personality, and she doesn’t work as a hook or at a beerbar she does massages.  I know what your thinking that working at massage more then likely she will offer a “happy ending” for a little extra and your probably right but who cares.  If you hooked up with Gott you’ll end up with a sweet little LBFM that will fuck your brains out cook you dinner and give you a pro level massages every day, sounds pretty good to me.  Plus she is really a sweet and nice lady for sure.  As for her lady parts, they’re great as well.  As you can see by the photo she has a great ass and larger then normal tits for an Asian.  A very cute girl next door face and personality to match.  Her sex is good, not shy and willing to do almost anything.  I didn’t do anal with her for some reason, I normally do, but her blowjob and straight fuck were good enough so I didn’t even go there.  I did ask her if the next time I called her we could do some anal and she said “no problem”.  Don’t know why I didn’t go there but its good to know that she is into it for the next time.

All her photos of this sexy and sweet LBFM can be found at this site asiabargirl

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LBFM Jai does anal and enjoys it

Cute LBFMLBFM Name: Jai

Age: 23

Best way to O: Hard and anal

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Bad boys


Jai is a LBFM working girl.  She is working in a beerbar in Thailand and has been doing it for a few years now.  She said that the only reason she is working in a beerbar and selling her pussy is to meet a man.  She would like to meet a nice man from Europe to take care of her and her family.  She doesn’t see anything wrong with working in a bar selling her pussy.  To me its like going on a date, they spend less on me then they would on a normal date, they just know that they’re going to get laid for sure.  So which is better spending a ton of money on a lady and not sure if your going to get your dick wet.  Or spending a little money on me and know that you’ll be able to stick your dick in my tight LBFM asshole when ever your ready to do so.  So guys go find her, fuck her in the ass and see if she is the kind of lady you could spend more time with.  At least you know already that she’ll do and enjoy anal before you commit to staying with her.  I for one would love to find a thin, cute LBFM with small tits and a nice ass that is into and enjoys anal.  Oh wait I have and have been with her for many happy years so Jai is all yours for the taking.

All her photos of this anally inclined LBFM can be found at this site asiabargirl

Or you can check out her preview gallery at this link Ja’s gallery

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LBFM Asian girl next door Sue

LBFM SueLBFM Name: Sue

Age: 23

Best way to O: Dick in pussy

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys with tattoos


Sue is an LBFM working lady, she works in a massage parlor, and yes it is one that focuses on the happy ending and not the massage.  But she comes across as a cute little LBFM Asian girl next door type.  Very cute, very sweet and very sexy all in one.  I love her body too nothing is extreme you know its just all good, right, what a woman’s body should be.  She has great curves, hips and a sweet little ass, love that ass!  And her tits are perfect as well, not too big not too small perky, firm just right.  Her body is like the third bowl of porridge in that fairy tale, and the third one was just right.  Comfortable is a good word for Sue, and not in a bad boring, can’t get better way, but in the best way possible, Sue is comfortable.  I would love to wake up every morning to that face and body.  She is the kind of girl that doesn’t need a bunch of make up to be attractive, she has a natural beauty about her.  So yea waking up every morning to her cute smiley face and soft tender body would be comfortable.  Ok now that all the soft shit is out of the way, lol, I really liked her.  Her pussy was amazing, like no one had ever been there before cause it was so tight (she is a working girl so you know plenty have, why its so amazing it’s so tight).  Her blowjob was amazing, very good at deep throat and into it.  And she has done anal before, she isn’t a big fan but will give it up to please her man if that’s want he wants.  Hell yea that’s what I want, so can you please turn over Sue.

All her photos a videos of this sexy tall LBFM can be found at this site asiabargirl

Or you can check out her preview gallery at this link Sue’s gallery

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