LBFM Asian looking for fun

Amateur Asian LBFM
Amateur Asian LBFM

LBFM Name:  Ryza

Age: 20

Best way to O: Hard and fast

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys

First time I saw this LBFM I was taken aback at how cute her face was and by how slamming her body was.  She has a more Asian look to her then other Filipinos some are very dark and look aboriginal.  An Abo Filipino are really easy to pick out and you can tell Ryza is mixed race.  Ryza age 20, is a very cute amateur LBFM Asian who isn’t just looking for men because she sells her pussy but really would like to settle down with the right man.  I think that’s what most women want.  If she does find the right person she would stop doing the pussy for sale thing and make pancakes for breakfast.  And all things aside if a man would ever be lucky enough to swoop her up they would be one lucky dude.  She is sweet and even though she sells it like a pawnshop she is still amazingly tight and still really enjoys sex.  Plus she really knows what to do, if you haven’t gotten a blowjob from a pro before your really missing out.  She enjoys her sex soft and slow at first but to make her cum at the end your really going to have to slam it home.  Slow and soft to start hard and fast to finish.  So you end up with a woman who is incredibly sweet and nice and who knows how to fuck and suck, about as good as it gets in my book.

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