33yo Asian Milf Yim

Cute and sexy 33yo Asian Milf Yim
Sexy 33yo Asian Milf Yim

Ms Yim

Age; 33

Location; Cambodia

Yim was a lovely lady that we really enjoyed having around for the day.  Sexy Asian Milf Yim is as cute and as sexy in real life as she is in the photos.  More so even.  Great personality, amazing body and would make gain weight cause she is a good cook as well.  She loves to take care of the one she is with.

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Older Asian Mom Se

Older Asian mom Se
Older Asian mom Se still looking very cute

Ms; Se

Age; 37

Location; South East Asia (SEA)

Older Asian mom Se is a really sweet lady.  And seeing her working at her noodle stand you would never think that she would be doing something like this.  But she says that she has been alone for too long and would love to find a man to be with.  If not for the rest of her life then an hour or two would be nice, she says with a wink and a smile.

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Asian Wife Mos

Lovely Asian wife Mos
Asian wife Mos is fun loving sexy and outgoing she loves people and go out and about
Ms Mos
Age; 33
Location; South East Asia

Mos is a fun loving and very outgoing lady who loves to be around people who enjoy life as much as she does.  Asian wife Mos isn’t in a serious relationship right now.  She just recently divorced, so she is only looking to have fun not a serious relationship.  She is very cute in person with a great personality that is always up for anything.

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Cute Asian Mom Pin

Pin is a cute Asian Mom
Cute Asian Mom Pin is very sexual and loves men of all colors and ages

Ms Pin

Age;  32

Location; SE Asia

This cute Asian mom is very tiny and to say flat chested I think would be kind.  But, if you like that kind of build then Pin could be the one for you.  Cause her face is cute as hell and the rest of her body is nice and curvy.  Add to that a really sweet personality and charm about her and I think you have a winning cute Asian mom on your hands

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Asian Wife Pawn

Asian wife Pawn from SE Asia
Asian wife Pawn one a very shy and sweet lady that we enjoyed having

Ms Pawn

Age; 38

Location; SE Asia

Pawn was working at a food stall when we came across her.  She was very shy and soft spoken, but she spoke English well enough for us to strike up a conversation.  Turns out she isn’t as shy as she comes across.  She even works part time at a beer bar at nights and on weekends.  No, not as one of the working ladies but as the hostess.  She is an Asian wife Pawn is married but not happy, sad, but good for us.

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