33yo Asian Milf Yim

Cute and sexy 33yo Asian Milf Yim
Sexy 33yo Asian Milf Yim

Ms Yim

Age; 33

Location; Cambodia

Yim was a lovely lady that we really enjoyed having around for the day.  Sexy Asian Milf Yim is as cute and as sexy in real life as she is in the photos.  More so even.  Great personality, amazing body and would make gain weight cause she is a good cook as well.  She loves to take care of the one she is with.

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Asian Wife Mos

Lovely Asian wife Mos
Asian wife Mos is fun loving sexy and outgoing she loves people and go out and about
Ms Mos
Age; 33
Location; South East Asia

Mos is a fun loving and very outgoing lady who loves to be around people who enjoy life as much as she does.  Asian wife Mos isn’t in a serious relationship right now.  She just recently divorced, so she is only looking to have fun not a serious relationship.  She is very cute in person with a great personality that is always up for anything.

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Sexy Asian Wife Linda

This babes name is Linda she is a very sexy Asian wife from SEA
Sexy Asian Wife Linda
Age; 35
Location;  South East Asia

Linda is remarkably attractive, you would definitely do a double take if you passed her on the street.  Linda is a sexy Asian wife and mother of one.  She is very quite and shy with a body that is amazing for her age.  She likes to dress nice to be appealing to men.  She isn’t with anyone right now but is definitely looking and would to find someone to share a life with.  She says her good points are, loyalty, honesty and that she is very sexual.  She says her bad points are that she can be a bit bitchy at times but she is working on that.

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Older Filipino mom Lian

Older Filipino mom Lian
Older Filipino wife and mother Lian is so sexy

Ms Lian

Age; 40

Location; Philippines

Come on forty years old, one can only hope to look this good at her age.  And this older Filipino mom of two looks goooood.  In her photos she has the sexuality about her.  And in real life this lady is smoking hot.  One time she turned and looked at me and I melted and was like, what do you want money, gold a car?  Anything, just marry me.

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Cute Asian Mom Pin

Pin is a cute Asian Mom
Cute Asian Mom Pin is very sexual and loves men of all colors and ages

Ms Pin

Age;  32

Location; SE Asia

This cute Asian mom is very tiny and to say flat chested I think would be kind.  But, if you like that kind of build then Pin could be the one for you.  Cause her face is cute as hell and the rest of her body is nice and curvy.  Add to that a really sweet personality and charm about her and I think you have a winning cute Asian mom on your hands

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Asian Mom Linda

Real cute and sweet Asian Mom Linda
Asian Mom Linda is a real amateur Asian milf that is sweet and sexy

Ms Linda

Age; 36

Location; Philippines

Asian mom Linda you would never think that she would take nude photos and be very sexual.  But she is all that and very much more.  In the some ways the best kind of Asian mom or milf there is.  Cause during the day she comes across as a very respectable older lady.  But get her in the bed room and he sexual appetite is almost insatiable.

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LBFM Asian girl next door Sue

LBFM SueLBFM Name: Sue

Age: 23

Best way to O: Dick in pussy

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys with tattoos


Sue is an LBFM working lady, she works in a massage parlor, and yes it is one that focuses on the happy ending and not the massage.  But she comes across as a cute little LBFM Asian girl next door type.  Very cute, very sweet and very sexy all in one.  I love her body too nothing is extreme you know its just all good, right, what a woman’s body should be.  She has great curves, hips and a sweet little ass, love that ass!  And her tits are perfect as well, not too big not too small perky, firm just right.  Her body is like the third bowl of porridge in that fairy tale, and the third one was just right.  Comfortable is a good word for Sue, and not in a bad boring, can’t get better way, but in the best way possible, Sue is comfortable.  I would love to wake up every morning to that face and body.  She is the kind of girl that doesn’t need a bunch of make up to be attractive, she has a natural beauty about her.  So yea waking up every morning to her cute smiley face and soft tender body would be comfortable.  Ok now that all the soft shit is out of the way, lol, I really liked her.  Her pussy was amazing, like no one had ever been there before cause it was so tight (she is a working girl so you know plenty have, why its so amazing it’s so tight).  Her blowjob was amazing, very good at deep throat and into it.  And she has done anal before, she isn’t a big fan but will give it up to please her man if that’s want he wants.  Hell yea that’s what I want, so can you please turn over Sue.

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