Anal Milf Ashley round two

Milf Ashley 2MILF Name: Ashley (set 2)

Age: 34

Best way to O: Anal is the best for her

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


The first time this milf came to the apartment was so great that we had to do her again.  This time we did her in the shower, wait the shower, on the toilet, on the couch, in the bedroom.  In fact we just about did her everywhere and in every hole we could think of.  If you remember Ashley is our hot little Asian MILF from the Philippines and this little mom loves it up the ass.  For some reason not many Filipinos like it up the ass so Ashley is the exception.  And once you come across a lady like Ashley you just want to do her again and again and we did.  For her age Ashley has a great body, her tits are still perky and firm and her ass is nice, round and tight.  Her asshole opens up to take you in like an old friend.  She doesn’t hesitate as you aim for her ass and only moans as you slide it in her with no lube.  Again she prefers anal sex to anything else, but she also really enjoys sucking dick as well, can it get better?  Check our her second gallery as there are some really good shots of her sliding a dildo up her ass after her shower.  Good close ups where you can really see her sweet thigh little hole.

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LBFM Jai does anal and enjoys it

Cute LBFMLBFM Name: Jai

Age: 23

Best way to O: Hard and anal

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Bad boys


Jai is a LBFM working girl.  She is working in a beerbar in Thailand and has been doing it for a few years now.  She said that the only reason she is working in a beerbar and selling her pussy is to meet a man.  She would like to meet a nice man from Europe to take care of her and her family.  She doesn’t see anything wrong with working in a bar selling her pussy.  To me its like going on a date, they spend less on me then they would on a normal date, they just know that they’re going to get laid for sure.  So which is better spending a ton of money on a lady and not sure if your going to get your dick wet.  Or spending a little money on me and know that you’ll be able to stick your dick in my tight LBFM asshole when ever your ready to do so.  So guys go find her, fuck her in the ass and see if she is the kind of lady you could spend more time with.  At least you know already that she’ll do and enjoy anal before you commit to staying with her.  I for one would love to find a thin, cute LBFM with small tits and a nice ass that is into and enjoys anal.  Oh wait I have and have been with her for many happy years so Jai is all yours for the taking.

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