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LBFM Name: Onn

Age: 25

Best way to O: Getting her pussy licked

Favorite sexual position: On her back with knees way up

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Onn is a cute little LBFM that comes from SE Asia, she loves sex and is willing to do anything to keep her man very happy as long as he is good to her and takes good care of her.  I hooked up with Onn at a beer bar where she was working as the bar tender, we played bar games for hours.  We had drinks and laughed and basically had a really good time.  Normally you don’t fine out bar tenders but I wanted to fine her out which she was more then willing and happy to do.  She is a little taller and bigger then most of the LBFMs that I know but that was OK because even though she is a bit bigger she is well portioned.  When I got her back to the apartment I was very happy to see her with her cloths off, very nice all around package.  She has great tits, not too small not too big.  Her legs and thighs are awesome, firm, tight and soft, great to have them wrapped around you.  Great ass, again firm tight and soft, just big enough to bounce back at you when you doing her doggie style.  And the good parts, pussy, asshole and mouth are all ready and willing to milk every ounce of cum out of your cock.

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MILF Name: Ashley

Age: 34

Best way to O: Anal is the best for her

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


One of my all time favorites, I would do this MILF all day any day that she wants.  I can truly say this woman loves sex and loves anal sex.  I met Ashly awhile back when she wanted to do some porn because she need some extra cash.  I asked her all the normal questions but when I got to the part where I talk about doing anal, she just smiled and nodded yes.  Little did I know what that meant.  Not only did she do anal but it was her preferred method of having sex.  Its not rare to find an Asian MILF that will take it in the ass, its not even rare to find one that likes it.  But to find one that is totally into it and would rather have a cock in her ass then her pussy is a gem indeed.  Plus she is cute and has a really nice ass.  I loved doing her I would clear the entire day just to shoot and enjoy Ashley she was that good.  I would have her come in early in the morning and stay well into the night.  Sometimes she would stay the night and I would just play with her until my dick was so dead that it couldn’t get up again for a day or two.  Ashely is an awsome MILF one that I wish everyone could enjoy at least once in their life.

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