Dark Asian MILF loves it hard and fast

Dark Asian MILF
Sexy Dark MILF


MILF Name: Jenny

Age: 33

Best way to O: She likes to be licked

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


This sexy dark Asian MILF is so sexy in person she will get your dick hard just with a quick touch.  Being older and more mature she has an air about her that will make your balls ache.  Even the way she walks is sexy, she walks with this cool confident ass sway that make you go mmhhhhhh when ever you see it.  Having her around for the day was great.  Because she is a mother of two and you just can’t take that out of her.  She was, and I don’t know really how to put it without sounding sexist, a homemaker.  She wanted to take care of us before, during and after the shoot.  Before the shoot she cleaned up our apartment, how cool is that.  During the shoot she wanted to do anything that would make us cum, not just faster, but better.  And after she wanted to stick around and offered to cook us dinner, we said yes of course.  She told us what to get and proceeded to make us a great stew, sex and stew, lol doesn’t get better then that.  She ended up staying the night and I banged her again that night and in the morning knocked out a quickie.  Wet warm pussy, great mature attitude, smile, face, body, it was all good.  And she made us breakfast, all for the price of one shoot, love it.

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LBFM with a great tight body

Thai LBFMLBFM Name: Weao

Age: 25

Best way to O: Making love not just fucking

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Weao is a LBFM who is much taller then most of the LBFMs that we have come to our apartment.  But that’s just fine by me I like them a little taller then the average 4 foot nothing lady’s that we see some times.  Cause she is taller her legs look like they go on for days.  She is slender which makes her being tall even better, not too thin though her body is just slamming.  Everything on her is in perfect portion, her tits are perfect and her ass is perfect, both not too big and not too small.  She has the thin, toned Asian body that I love so much.  As for her good bits they don’t disappoint either.  Starting with her mouth, great blowjob, even though she is an amateur she gives blowjobs like a porn pro.  Her pussy is so wet couldn’t believe how wet she was.  Maybe she hadn’t had sex for awhile but that was one of the wettest, warmest pussies I’ve touched, tasted and been inside for a long time.  Her ass was tight and firm very nice to look at and play with, she didn’t want to do anal but did like her asshole to be played with while having sex.  She really liked a finger up her ass while her pussy had a cock.  All in all a great little LBFM,

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