Beautiful Asian MILF wants a man

Mirria Asian Milf
Sexy and beautiful Milf

MILF Name: Mirra

Age: 36

Best way to O: Making love

Favorite sexual position: On her back while being held

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Absolutely beautiful Asian MILF with an incredible body is looking for a new man.  Mirra is very sweet and for being 36 her body is slamming.  She is single right now which I can’t understand.  She is looking for someone to make a life with.  I kept thinking to myself there has to be something wrong with this women.  She is beautiful, sweet, cute with a body that I will go into detail later but for now just slamming, how the hell can she be single.  How many fools passed up on sweeping this lady up and having amazing sex with her again and again?  After spending the entire day with her and doing all kinds of fun nasty things to her body and cumming on or in every part of her body I still couldn’t figure it out.  If didn’t already have a long term relationship and a few mistresses on the side I would take her on and treat her like the sweet Asian MILF she needs to be treated as.  Her tits are nice for an older woman.  You can tell they are dropping a bit but they are very soft and fun to play with.  Her ass is not huge but enough there for anyone to be happy with.  Yes she will do Anal for the man in her life.  An her pussy is very tight, don’t think she has any kids, didn’t ask but didn’t see any stretch marks or scars.  So again beyond me as to why she is still single but she is almost too good to be true.

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LBFM Amateur On

Amateur Asian LBFM
Sexy LBFM On

LBFM Name: Onn

Age: 25

Best way to O: Getting her pussy licked

Favorite sexual position: On her back with knees way up

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Onn is a cute little LBFM that comes from SE Asia, she loves sex and is willing to do anything to keep her man very happy as long as he is good to her and takes good care of her.  I hooked up with Onn at a beer bar where she was working as the bar tender, we played bar games for hours.  We had drinks and laughed and basically had a really good time.  Normally you don’t fine out bar tenders but I wanted to fine her out which she was more then willing and happy to do.  She is a little taller and bigger then most of the LBFMs that I know but that was OK because even though she is a bit bigger she is well portioned.  When I got her back to the apartment I was very happy to see her with her cloths off, very nice all around package.  She has great tits, not too small not too big.  Her legs and thighs are awesome, firm, tight and soft, great to have them wrapped around you.  Great ass, again firm tight and soft, just big enough to bounce back at you when you doing her doggie style.  And the good parts, pussy, asshole and mouth are all ready and willing to milk every ounce of cum out of your cock.

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