Sexy Asian MILF likes it on top


Sexy Asian MILF Name: Melanie

Age: 44

Best way to O: Likes to ride and grind on top

Favorite sexual position: On top

Type of men she likes: Older guys but they have to be able to get nice and hard


Your read it right this little cutie is 44 years old!  I guess you can tell by her body that she isn’t a teen or anything but damn for 44 she is looking great!  Melanie is her name and she is Filipino and very small.  Tiny in every way, her tits are tiny and her pussy is tiny which means even at her age her pussy is still unbelievably wet and tight.  She really gets off on being on top and riding the guy, that way she can place the dick in her where it feels the best and rub her clitoris how she likes it.  During this shoot she had an amazing orgasm, the photo above is her riding before she came.  So this is one mature Asian MIlf that I really enjoyed, tiny little body with a tight wet pussy.  And the best part is because she likes it on top she does all the work.

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Asian MILF Stephanie likes Cooking and Sex

Asian Milf Stephanie

Asian Milf Stephanie

Asian MILF Name: Stephanie

Age: 30

Best way to O: Harder the Better

Favorite sexual position: 69

Type of men she likes: Bad boys with a good heart


Asian Milf Stephanie has a had a hard and fast life and that is how she likes her sex.  She calls herself a biker chick at heart.  She likes the whole idea of freedom and just plan badassness.  When she was younger she always thought of herself as a bad little Asian chick.  But now she says she has really mellowed and is happy just to be an Asian milf, stay home and cook for her man.  She is now a real homebody that loves to cook and take care of her man.  If her man likes her cooking and still is attracted to her and still wants to slam into her pussy at night, then life is good for her.  As you can see she has an amazing body for her age and anyone who wouldn’t want to sleep with that every night is crazy.  Soft supple body with a nice round ass and perfect MILF tits I would be in that 24 hours a day.  And the good part is she would be more than happy with that.  Because as she said before, it makes her happy to have her man still find her sexy and want to have sex with her all the time.  I love that photo of her it shows her cute little tits and sweet face, it just makes you want to say, make me a hamburger when your done giving me a blowjob.  Hey its what makes her happy ;)   It would me too.

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Mature Asian MILF Sarah keeps getting better

Sexy Mature Asian Mature Asian Name: Sarah

Age: 40

Best way to O: Any kind of sex gets her off

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Being over 40 we have listed Sarah as a Mature Asian rather then MILF.  Thirty to forty is MILF and below that we call LBFM so anyway here is a sexy mature Asian woman.  Her name is Sarah and she is from the Philippines, Manila to be exact.  If you look at her gallery, there is a link below, she is looking damn fine for forty.  And she says that her sexual appetite is three times what it was when she was younger.  She says that she just can’t get enough, before she gave someone a blow job because they wanted one.  Now she gives blowjobs because she truly likes to suck cock, she even said that she has had orgasm just with a cock in her mouth.  She now truly loves the feel of a hard dick in her mouth.  The other thing is anal, she had never even considered taking a cock up her ass when she was younger.  But a few years a go her husband talked her into trying it.  She loved it, said its the favorite way to cum now.  A cock in her old mature Asian asshole while she is playing with her clit is the fastest way for her to now cup a nut.  Mature Asian women really do get better with age just like fine wine.

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Dark Asian MILF loves it hard and fast

Dark Asian MILF

Sexy Dark MILF


MILF Name: Jenny

Age: 33

Best way to O: She likes to be licked

Favorite sexual position: On her back

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


This sexy dark Asian MILF is so sexy in person she will get your dick hard just with a quick touch.  Being older and more mature she has an air about her that will make your balls ache.  Even the way she walks is sexy, she walks with this cool confident ass sway that make you go mmhhhhhh when ever you see it.  Having her around for the day was great.  Because she is a mother of two and you just can’t take that out of her.  She was, and I don’t know really how to put it without sounding sexist, a homemaker.  She wanted to take care of us before, during and after the shoot.  Before the shoot she cleaned up our apartment, how cool is that.  During the shoot she wanted to do anything that would make us cum, not just faster, but better.  And after she wanted to stick around and offered to cook us dinner, we said yes of course.  She told us what to get and proceeded to make us a great stew, sex and stew, lol doesn’t get better then that.  She ended up staying the night and I banged her again that night and in the morning knocked out a quickie.  Wet warm pussy, great mature attitude, smile, face, body, it was all good.  And she made us breakfast, all for the price of one shoot, love it.

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Beautiful Asian MILF wants a man

Mirria Asian Milf

Sexy and beautiful Milf

MILF Name: Mirra

Age: 36

Best way to O: Making love

Favorite sexual position: On her back while being held

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


Absolutely beautiful Asian MILF with an incredible body is looking for a new man.  Mirra is very sweet and for being 36 her body is slamming.  She is single right now which I can’t understand.  She is looking for someone to make a life with.  I kept thinking to myself there has to be something wrong with this women.  She is beautiful, sweet, cute with a body that I will go into detail later but for now just slamming, how the hell can she be single.  How many fools passed up on sweeping this lady up and having amazing sex with her again and again?  After spending the entire day with her and doing all kinds of fun nasty things to her body and cumming on or in every part of her body I still couldn’t figure it out.  If didn’t already have a long term relationship and a few mistresses on the side I would take her on and treat her like the sweet Asian MILF she needs to be treated as.  Her tits are nice for an older woman.  You can tell they are dropping a bit but they are very soft and fun to play with.  Her ass is not huge but enough there for anyone to be happy with.  Yes she will do Anal for the man in her life.  An her pussy is very tight, don’t think she has any kids, didn’t ask but didn’t see any stretch marks or scars.  So again beyond me as to why she is still single but she is almost too good to be true.

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Asian MILF loves sex of any kind

Mature Milf loves anal

MILF loves anal


MILF Name: Ashley

Age: 34

Best way to O: Anal is the best for her

Favorite sexual position: Hands and knees

Type of men she likes: Nice guys


One of my all time favorites, I would do this MILF all day any day that she wants.  I can truly say this woman loves sex and loves anal sex.  I met Ashly awhile back when she wanted to do some porn because she need some extra cash.  I asked her all the normal questions but when I got to the part where I talk about doing anal, she just smiled and nodded yes.  Little did I know what that meant.  Not only did she do anal but it was her preferred method of having sex.  Its not rare to find an Asian MILF that will take it in the ass, its not even rare to find one that likes it.  But to find one that is totally into it and would rather have a cock in her ass then her pussy is a gem indeed.  Plus she is cute and has a really nice ass.  I loved doing her I would clear the entire day just to shoot and enjoy Ashley she was that good.  I would have her come in early in the morning and stay well into the night.  Sometimes she would stay the night and I would just play with her until my dick was so dead that it couldn’t get up again for a day or two.  Ashely is an awsome MILF one that I wish everyone could enjoy at least once in their life.

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